29 Ways To Market Your Etsy Shop Products

Etsy sellers are always looking for new ways to market their Etsy shops or better ways to market their Etsy shop products that are more effective and bring in more sales.  No one likes to waste a bunch of time with things that may or may not work for their business.  That just isn’t economical and can be very costly to your business because as the saying goes, “Time is money.”

29 ways to market your etsy shop products

So, I’ve put together this list of ways to market your products that may be beneficial to your business.  Browse through the list below and see which will work for your individual business model.

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How to market your Etsy shop products

  • On Etsy
    • Run a sale or use coupon codes
      • Run a sale on Etsy
      • Offer coupon codes to your followers and email list
      • Use Thank you coupons
      • Turn on Abandoned cart coupons
      • Add Favorited item coupons
    • Use Etsy Ads
    • Add product packaging flyers and business cards
    • Work on your Etsy SEO
    • Add Videos to your listings
    • Use the Etsy Seller App (the blue one)
      • Post Explore videos
      • Post to social media from the app
  • Off Etsy
    • Post to social media
      • Facebook
      • Facebook groups
      • Instagram
      • Youtube
      • TikTok
      • Pinterest
      • X (Formerly Twitter)
    • Create a Google My Business and Yelp For Business profile
    • Advertise with your local chamber of commerce
    • Friends and Family
    • Coworkers at your 9-5
    • Start your own website
    • Start a blog
    • Start an email list
    • Run online ads on social media and Google or Bing
    • Ask you buyers to share a review online on social media like your Facebook business page or your website
    • Use user generated content such as customer photos on social media
    • Partner with an influencer
    • Attend local craft fairs
paint brushes in jar

How to market your Etsy shop on Etsy

Running sales and use coupon codes

Try running a sale

Many Etsy sellers have found great success with running sales.  This can be done by running a sale automatically on Etsy.  Anyone who discovers your products while browsing around Etsy will be able to take advantage of a sale you have going on.

Offer coupons to your followers, subscribers and email list

Etsy sellers are always trying to figure out how to get their followers on social media and their mailing lists over to their Etsy shops.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is by offering your followers a discount specific to them. This also keeps them engaged with your brand and coming back for more.

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Use thank you coupons

Thank you coupons help bring your previous buyers back to your shop over and over again to buy your amazing products.  I particularly like thank you coupons because the cost of acquiring that buyer is often less than the cost to find brand new buyers, and they shoppers already know, like and trust your shop.

Turn on abandoned cart coupons

Abandoned cart coupons are for trying to capture potential customers that have already looked at your items and put them in their carts but who haven’t finished the checkout process.  Abandoned cart discounts are great as a little reminder to that potential buyer that they liked your item enough to stick it in the carts, so why haven’t they checked out yet.

Sometimes, buyers simply get distracted by life and forget all about their carts or maybe they are waiting and still thinking it over.  An abandoned cart offer can be just the nudge that they needed to finish their purchase.

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Add favorited items coupons

Another favorite marketing strategy of mine is creating favorited items discounts.  Again, the buyer has already made an indication that they like the product, so just give them a little more incentive to finish up that cart checkout.

Use Etsy Ads

I like using Etsy ads when they are profitable. I use them to boost our Etsy products up to the front of search results.  This can be great for new products to test the waters and see how interested buyers are in your products and give you an edge over your competition in competitive niches.

Add product packaging flyers and business cards

I almost always add flyers and/or business cards to all of our shipped products.  This is just one more touch point with your buyers.  One more way to say thank you and come back and shop with us again.  Your flyers could be new product announcements, discounts offers and more.  Get creative and give it a shot.  They are fairly inexpensive and can bump up your customer lifetime value (CLV) or simply lifetime value (LTV).

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Work on your Etsy SEO

Creating a better SEO strategy, finding better keywords and using them in your tags, titles, attributes and descriptions can really make a difference in your Etsy shop.  Having the best, relevant keywords and keyword phrases can mean the difference between making no money in your Etsy shop and having Etsy serve up your listing in search to buyers on a silver platter for them to purchase.

Mastering Etsy SEO does take time, but is more than worth the effort.  Organic SEO is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses and can make or break your Etsy shop success.

Add Videos to your listings

Etsy has, like many other platforms, added video capabilities to product listings.  They are seen now in the listings themselves, in search results, in email campaigns, on the Etsy app and more.  Etsy has also said that it gives a boost to your product rankings in search results in the Etsy apps.

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Use the Etsy Seller App

Post Explore videos

Just like videos in your listing photos, you can now add videos in the newer Etsy Seller app that are shown in multiple locations in the Etsy buyer mobile app.  These videos can also be longer than those you are able to show in your listings.  You can post as many videos as you like and have the ability to tag your shop products!!

Post of social media from the app

The older Etsy seller app still has the ability to post to the social media channels that you have connected to your Etsy shop profile.  This is a quick way to post more to your social media accounts while already in your Etsy shop.

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How to market your Etsy shop products off Etsy

Post to social media

No matter what platform you prefer, marketing your products on social media is one of many Etsy sellers favorite forms of marketing. Whether you have a Facebook business page, have a Facebook group, are on Instagram, have a YouTube account, love making TikTok videos, post pins to Pinterest or are tweeting away on Twitter, there is a social media platform that your buyers are on and are already a warm audience to market your products to.

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Create a Google My Business and Yelp For Business profile

Google My Business and Yelp For Business profiles are great ways to let your local community know who you are, what you make and sell and how to contact you for more information and to purchase from.

Advertise with your local chamber of commerce

Just like creating an account for your business on Google or Yelp, contact your local chamber of commerce to see what advertising options might be available to your business in your local markets. You may be able to get at least added to their local business database with a link back to your Etsy shop.

Friends and Family

Most Etsy sellers are looking for ways to find more buyers for their products but often discount the value in friends and family once they get their online stores up off the ground.  This is a mistake if you ask me.  Friends and family still ask about my business and what I’m up to these days, referring their friends to us if they find we are a good fit for products they are looking for.

Set up a custom coupon code specific to friends and family and even more drive sales with these special discounts only available to them!

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Coworkers at your 9-5, if you have one.

Lots of Etsy sellers keep their 9-5 jobs while working on their Etsy shops as a side hustle to make some extra money in the beginning.  Why not help jumpstart your business with special discount codes to them as well!

Start your own website

You may be wondering why I added this one if you are trying to drive sales to Etsy, but when you are just getting started with your business, you may not be fully ready to jump in feet first with a standalone website.  

It is, however, a good idea to go ahead and purchase your business’s domain name or domain you would like to use and simply redirect it over to your Etsy shop until you are ready to get it going full-time. Or, you can make a landing page on the website with a SHOP tab that is sent over to your Etsy shop page where buyers can make their purchases for now.

Start a blog

Going along with creating your own website would be for you to start a blog.  Blogging is a great way to attract buyers who are interested in the topic in which your products would fall under.  You can write amazing, helpful articles for your potential customers and, when it fits, add a link to products that you sell that may also be of interest to them.

desk with laptop, notebook, cell phone and pens

Start an email list

From your website and blog you just created, you now can start an email list too!  Another way to keep in touch with those who are truly interested in your content and products. Email marketing is still one of the leading ways to generate sales for online businesses.

Run online ads on social media and Google or Bing

Marketing with online ads on social media platforms and Google Ads or Bing ads is a more advanced strategy for Etsy sellers and one is wouldn’t recommend for newbie Etsy sellers.  It can be more expensive, but in no way should be taken off the marketing table short list unless you’ve done your research.  

I would advise that you be sure to read over any and all terms and conditions when looking to advertise on other platforms.

Just know that you will be competing with the big boys with bigger budgets like Etsy itself with this marketing strategy.

Ask you buyers to share a review online on social media like your Facebook business page or your website

Asking buyers for reviews should be part of every business’s marketing strategy.  This is great for creating trust with potential buyers that come across your business online who are unfamiliar with your products.  They can see exactly what other real life buyers are saying about your business.  This is good especially when shoppers are comparing companies to see which they would prefer to purchase from.

Use user generated content such as customer photos on social media

In addition to customer reviews, ask your customer’s to post photos of themselves with your products, using your products and even product unboxings to drum up free content for your followers.  This is also another trust builder for your business.

Partner with an influencer

Using social media influencers for your product marketing has become a big industry.  From celebrities, to experts in their fields, small businesses and big businesses are jumping on this bandwagon.  Using an influencer in your niche will come with additional expenses, but can give you a great marketing funnel if the influencer has the right following of your potential buyer avatar.

filming woman sitting at desk

Attend local craft fairs

Attending local craft fairs is another great way to spread awareness about your business. It can also be a great way to earn additional income. Many Etsy sellers who are avid craft fair attendees will have a signup sheet on their table, QR code, etc. as a way to capture customer emails to market to later on.  You can also add flyers, business cards and other additional contact information, like magnets, that buyers can take home with them for later reference and keep your business top of mind.

Try one or try them all.  Marketing your business can be a great way to generate more income and customers for life.  

Go back up and click on the marketing options that feel like a good fit for your business, if you haven’t already.

Happy marketing!

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