About Melissa Talbott

Hey all. I’m Melissa, a long time seller on the Etsy platform, with multiple active shops. I’m also the founder and owner, aloneside my husband, Ryan, of Celebrating Together LLC with multiple DBAs like Celebrating Together, Woodbott, Melissa Talbott Design and My Studio To Yours. But even these weren’t my first rodeo into entreprenuership.

The website Melissa Talbott was designed to help Etsy sellers and small e-commerce business owners get their online storefronts up and running, making a profit and providing for their families. I love learning about new ways to earn an income and will share those business strategies and business models with you as well!

Running a small business is NO SMALL FEAT! And I want to help make this as smooth a journey as possible for you.

As a mom, myself, I have built businesses that have the ability to provide a stable financial future for the companies and my family alike. Whether that’s a fully handmade business with you as the creator or a passive income generating business with you as the designer.

I believe that anyone, from the side hustle stay-at-home-mom in her craft room or she-shed to the dad running his handcrafted, small business out of his garage or man cave, should be able to create a business they both love and that allows them the time, flexibility and financial freedom to run a household full of kids, pets and chaos. At least that’s what it feels like to me as a mom. Robotics competitions and cheer camp to out-of-state band competitions and football games, I want to be at them all, and I’ve been able to achieve all of this as a parent while running my own small businesses.

And I know you can too!

Melissa Talbott

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