Can I Use Kittl For Commercial Use?

Graphic designers are always on the hunt for better design software that is easier to use, cuts down on design time and just make their lives easier with functions like direct connections to print on demand (POD) platforms and social media.

If you’ve been designing for any time at all, you’ll know that not all design software is the same, nor does it come with the same product licensing agreements. You really do have to take a look under the hood to decide if that software is right for you.

can I use kittl for commercial use

An Example of what to look out for would be that I’ve seen many platforms that sell designs, but not all of them allow for use on POD websites. This can be a major issue for you if your online store uses a POD for product creation and shipping.

Recently, I heard about Kittl in a YouTube video and thought, well, I’m curious so I’ll check it out.

Kittl is a newer design software platform, similar to Canva, and it also has the functionality of AI technology for creating your artwork and graphics.

You can use Kittl to create JPGs, PNG, PDFs and SVGs. It also has a mockup generator.

Below are some of my takeaways after looking over their licensing policies.


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Can I use Kittl for commercial use?

Kittl allows the templates and AI generated artwork created on the platform to be used for commercial proposes. Kittl does this by way of a licensing agreement for the artwork, etc. created on its platform.

You can see Kittl’s licensing agreement here.

At the time of writing this blog post, early 2024, Kittl allows use of its designs and templates on end products, including POD. You can also use Kittl’s designs as rasterized images on digital products such as e-books and printables.

Here is a graphic that I created using Kittl’s software. I used the AI prompt for the graphic, applied a texture to it and added text in less than 5 minutes. (I was using the Free 7 Day Trial to create this graphic)

craft supplies graphic provided by Kittl

Provided by Kittl

Are designs on Kittl copyrighted?

As with all designs, graphics, fonts, etc. that you utilize in your business, you need to understand the laws around use of, distribution of, copyright of those designs, etc.

Regarding the ownership of Kittl designs, here is what Kittl’s policy has to say.

rights to use designs on kittl

“… all rights to photos, designs, fonts, or illustration templates on the Kittl Platform… are … owned by Kittl or its licensors.”

You can also see further details about their copyrights in this graphic from Kittl’s website.

prohibited use of Kittl designs

Another thing to mention is that Kittl’s content is subject to German copyright laws as it is registered in Berlin, Germany. If you are using Kittl in the United States, you would then need to follow both German and U.S. copyright laws.

kittl - german copyright law

And lastly of the major things I noticed about Kittl’s policies, it that if you are using the Free Version, you are also required to provide attribution to Kittl.

Kittle Free Version License Agreement

Can you use Kittl to sell on Etsy?

According to Kittl’s YouTube channel, Kittl does allow its users to use the designs created on its platform to be sold on Etsy and encourages it.

Here’s a link to see one of Kittl’s YouTube videos about product ideas you can create using Kittl that could then be sold on Etsy.

Learn more about Kittl on their YouTube channel here.

As for Etsy’s policy around selling AI generated artwork, Etsy has yet, as of February 2024, to publish any specific guidelines to its policies regarding the use of AI generated artwork.

So for the time being, we will have to continue to use its definition of what handmade is according to the handmade policy.

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It is my interpretation, that as long as you are not using solely AI generated art and are adding your own elements, graphics, text, textures, etc. as modifications to the design, then it would abide by Etsy’s handmade policy. A simple color change of the text or graphic color would not qualify as handmade under Etsy’s current policies.

The design I created earlier would be allowed on Etsy as I did make modifications to the AI generated part of the design, texture and text.

Watch me create a t-shirt graphic and t-shirt mockups in less than 6 minutes!

Similar rules would apply to other online graphic design software like Canva. You can see Canva’s Terms of Use policy and Canva’s Content License Agreement here in if you would like to compare them.

So if you are looking to get started in graphic design and looking for a software to help with your designing and workflow, go check out a Kittl Free Trial and see if it’s right for you. Get a FREE trial for Kittl here.

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