About Melissa Talbott


Express your creativity.

Do you love to draw? Do you love to craft?  Do you just have the non-stop need to have something in your hands?  The ability to take an item and craft it into a different work of art? (This is where you raise your hand!)

That's where many crafters, artists and makers find themselves daily.  I am no exception to this.  We just love to make things.  Be it an illustration on your ipad, a canvas covered in paint, a hand-carved knickknack or a laser cut design.  

That is what this website is all about.  Creative express and making.  

On this site, you will find my own artwork for you to use in your own making adventures.  From SVG cut files you can use with a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine to a garage-sized laser. YES, they do come that big!!! You may even discover some of my more messier art from my late-night pour painting.



Melissa Talbott - Etsy Mentor and Graphic Designer


About Me

From the beginning in art class, crafting with your mom (or for me grandma too) or just the love of doodling, we all started our creative journey somewhere. I've always had a need to create.  Where did you begin?

In our path to creative expression, some of us find new ways to express ourselves, to push through the boundaries, explore new technology and create bigger and more unique art.

I started with a Cricut in 2013 and have since taught myself Adobe Illustrator, laser cutting, repeat pattern making and so much more.  Each day being a creative adventure. A chance to learn something new and to push myself to be more than I was yesterday.

Well, as you can imagine, I'm a complex person, as many artistic people are.  Most people see the chill, introverted side, but under the hood, I'm always thinking and always trying to figure out the next step on the path in my maker life journey and entrepreneurship.

I got started on my entrepreneurial journey as a stay-at-home mom with the itch to create.  And when I say, create, I mean I created just about everything under the sun so far.  This has all lead me to where I am now.  I run multiple businesses all with a common thread of art and design.

You've found me here. Creating graphic designs and art.  My latest delve into who I am has brought me to art in a more traditional format, through paint and similar mediums.  But I still love graphic design and sign making.

Always striving to explore, learn and grow, I have pushed myself to learn new aspects of myself I didn't even know existed.  I use art as a way to free my mind when that overanalytical side wants too much control.  Which is seen in my graphic design vs messy paintings. LOL

We are all so unique and by no means simple.  I hope you will come explore and find the beauty in life and all that it has to offer.  I hope you will also be able to take a piece of my creativity with you into your world, make it your own and grown beyond your wildest creative dreams.