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How To Cut The Tiered Tray SVG In Your Glowforge Laser

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Tiered trays have become a huge trend of late.  Housing everything from cut knickknacks and tchotchkes to kitchen utensils and I've even seen a few people using them as mail sorters.  Here is a quick video on how to cut this tiered tray svg template in your Glowforge Laser

I have this one predesigned in Glowforge compatible sizes that fit perfectly in your GF machine.  You can cut the file as show or even get creative and add layers of acrylic with floral cutouts, etc. for an even more creative look.  Cut entirely of 1/4 Columbia Forest birch plywood.  Add simple tiered tray hardware and you have an adorable counter or dining table accent in minutes.



Ready to cut and make your own tiered tray?!?!  Click here to download the SVG file for this tiered tray design.


Find more SVG files, Clipart and more here.


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